This is the Committee of the Hornsby District Little Athletics Centre for 2018-2019. Committee members are parents of Centre athletes (past and present) who volunteer their time to manage and operate the Centre.


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“If not you, who; if not now, when”

(Hillel the Elder)

Vacancy Descriptions:

Treasurer: If you know your way around a spreadsheet and enjoy spending other people’s money, this position is for you. No accounting experience necessary.
Field Officer: Can be a shared role! Floating around the oval on a Saturday trouble shooting where needed, but most likely sipping coffee and feeling virtuous for having a committee position!
Tech & Equipment: Suitable for someone who likes buying gadgets, making sure equipment meets our needs for training and competition.
Uniforms: Generally busy for the start of the season making sure our athletes are all kitted up and stock is replenished. Then you can put your feet up and marvel at how smart everyone looks.
First Aid: Can be a shared role! First Aid qualification needed which the club can fund. Generally responsible for patching kids up on a Saturday and keeping stock of band aids replenished.
Canteen Officer: Can be shared role. Responsibilities include keeping ice blocks stocked up amongst other treats and coordinating weekly helpers.
Publicity & School Liason: Are you a social media guru? Do you have your finger on the community pulse? Can you help spread the word about how great little athletics is? This position is for you!
You can download the 2016 Centre Constitution, and the 2017/2018 Annual Report.