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Age Managers

Expressions of Interest

are invited from suitably motivated parents to be appointed as Age Managers for all age groups for the coming season. Contact Dee Hall (Age Manager Co-ordinator) by e-mail at agemanager@hdlac.org.au.
Parents nominating as Age Managers can download the LANSW publication A Guide for Age Managers.

Event Education

It helps our children and centre if Age Managers and their assistants have a good understanding of the event specific rules.  You can complete online education courses for FREE here http://www.athletics.com.au/Officials/Education

Current Age Managers for 2018/19

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Age Manager(s)
Tiny Tots Group 1 Clare Dorey
Tiny Tots Group 2
Tiny Tots Group 3
6 Boys
6 Girls Phil Cribb Dave Fenton
7 Boys Samantha Martin
7 Girls Tom Clayton Matt Dubsky
8 Boys Andrew Sims Grant Duddle
8 Girls Sarah Knispel Charlotte Mitchell
Justine Slapp
9 Boys Louise Gardiner Leah Gubecka
9 Girls Fran Dorey Dee
10 Boys
10 Girls Lance Erasmus
11 Boys Mike Woods Gray Taylor
11 Girls
12 Boys David Ramsey
12 Girls Luke P
13 Boys
13 Girls Jo Kachel
14 Boys Bec Collins
14 Girls
15 – 17 Girls & Boys Mike Lafford Gary Tyzack