Age Managers

Current Age Managers for 2023/24

Age Managers have an important function each Saturday keeping our groups safe and making the morning fun.  Key responsibilities are: Coordinating the weekly ice block purchases; being at the grounds by 7:45am to welcome the kids and seeing them safely off with their families at the end; following the weekly program; and, recording field event results.  Key Officials and Parent helpers will be at each event assisting with starting races, recording track results and running the field events. If you can assist as an Age Manager please contact Fran by email at agemanager@hdlac.org.au.


Tiny Tots James Nash Vanessa Fierens
6 James Keevy & Karlie Taylor Laura Lee
7 Jane Steel & Brad Flinn Kylie Roberts & Craig Hutchinson
8 Sam Flinn & Sam Newlands Amelia Riddle & VACANT
9 Tori Keevy & Kelly Lloyd-Owen Anu Srinivas & Nick Groenestyn
10 Paul O’Byrne Dan Richardson & Carissa Bonner
11 Cameron Slapp & Cyril Fierens Andrew Keris
12 Craig Lean John Hutchens
13 Shelley Johnston & Michael Howard VACANT
14 Ben Walsh Carlie Beven
15 Neville Fong & Mark Teutsch Bradley Manning
17 Andrew Fowlds Anne Neilan