Centre Registration Contact

Matt Dubsky – registrar@hdlac.org.au

Registrations for the 2020/21 Little Athletics season open mid August 

For important 2020/21 Season dates, please see information HERE.  Our 2020/21 season will commence later than usual due to the delayed Winter Sports calendar.  However athletes who wish to train with the centre and participate in any events throughout September and October will need to be registered.

All Little Athletics registrations MUST be completed online via the LANSW website detailed below.

IMPORTANT: New athletes to the centre must bring a proof of age when collecting their Registration pack.

Registration Process

Step 1:

Apply for Active Kids Voucher for $100 discount per school enrolled child.  The NSW government now provides 2 vouchers per year, per child.  This step must be completed prior to registration with LANSW.  Apply for your first or second voucher here.  Note – only one voucher can be used per child, per sport.

Step 2:

Register with LANSW Online.
All registrations must be completed ONLINE via the LANSW On-line System prior to coming down to compete on a Saturday.
Family discounts apply when registering athletes at the same time.  (For trouble shooting tips relating to U6s who were previously Tiny Tots, see below.)

Step 3:

If registering for the first time bring either a birth certificate or current passport for each child to the registrar when collecting your pack.

Things to Consider:

Age Group

– Age groups will be determined by the age members turn in the calendar year (i.e. age as at 31 December).  Work out the Age Group for you child using the Age Groups table.

Tiny Tots

– Once your child turns 3 they can participate in play training and gross motor activities – more..

Trouble Shooting for Tiny Tots moving into U6 age groups.  Where you have multiple children and a younger one is progressing from tiny tots, you need to link them to the older children by clicking on LOG IN on the top left as you are entering their details in the LANSW registration portal. Log in with the username and password of the Tot and it should link them to the sibling.


– Uniforms are compulsory and can be purchased online.  Samples are available for sizing at the Club Rooms – more..

Dual Registration

– U12 – U17 athletes received FREE registration with Athletics NSW as a senior athlete.  For the 2020/21 season, athletes can now select Hornsby as their Senior club (but are not obligated to).  Registration via the ANSW portal will be required.  More information is available via our Seniors Website.

Late Registration

– You can register any time throughout the season – however Age Group caps may be applied if group sizes become too large.

Can we try before committing:

Yes, at no charge, for two weeks from 24th October 2020 onwards.  You will need to complete the Trialist Details form for insurance purposes and be properly attired  (joggers, hat, sunblock, drink bottle).
Results, Awards and Centre Records are not applicable whilst trialling.

Registration Fees

Half Season membership prices (as at January 2021) includes centre competition until end March, all training and Cross country season from March to August.

 Tiny Tots $115 $80 per athlete


 U6-U17  $160   $120 for first athlete
 $155  $120 for second athlete*
$150   $120 for third athlete*
$130   $120 for fourth athlete and subsequent athletes*

* provided athletes register at the same time as their siblings.  ** fees reduced for half season, additional sibling discount no longer applies.

 Visitors There is no charge for visiting athletes registered at another Centre or Club


Centre Registration Contact

Matt Dubsky – registrar@hdlac.org.au