Awards and Trophies

HORNSBY AWARDS: Awards presented by Hornsby Centre aim to reward athletes for a variety of achievements; they act as incentives, encouraging children to work for attainable goals to self-improvement.

All athletes receive a perpetual plaque showing their highest level of participation at HDLAC during season. The plaque issued on their first season at HDLAC then a plate is issue for all other seasons participated in.

AWARD ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to receive a Centre award, HDLAC registered athletes have to attend and compete on a minimum of 60% of the available competition days for athletes in age groups U6 to U13 and attendance of 25% for athletes in U14 – U17 age groups. The calculation of attendance is taken from the first day of competition until the end of the season.

To be eligible for a Championship Award for Zone, Region and State, an athlete must both qualify for and compete in that Championship to receive the award. There is no attendance requirement for these awards.

HORNSBY STAR AWARDS: The Star Awards system provides athletes with goals to aim for during the season based on well-developed performance standards. It also rewards athletes for their attendance, improvement and achievement. Athletes may obtain up to five Stars in a season. The Stars may be displayed on their Centre Uniforms.

A Star will be awarded when qualifying standards have been achieved in a number of track and field events. This encourages young athletes to develop their track and field athletic skills generally.

Stars are awarded according to a graduated standard, starting with Yellow, then Green, Red, Blue and finally Gold.

For full details of Hornsby Star Awards, refer to the Star Awards page.


Athletes are only eligible for one of the following age group awards, in order: Best Athlete, Most Improved or Age Manager’s Award.

BEST ATHLETE TROPHY: A trophy is awarded to the athlete in each age group who has obtained the highest point score. Points are calculated using personal best in each event and comparing these to the Star Award standard. For the U/6 and U/7 age groups, the best 5 events are included in the point score; U/8s – 6 events, while the U/9 to U17s have 7 events included in the calculations. Thus only their best events are included. This Award is computer generated.
If two athletes have the same number of points, the athletes’ results will be compared to the State Multi championship points table. The person with the highest point score will be awarded Best Athlete.

MOST IMPROVED TROPHY: A trophy is awarded to a girl and boy athlete in each age group who has scored the most ‘improved’ points over the season. Points are credited on a 1, 3, 5 system. The first time you complete the event one point is given and the result is your personal best (PB). The next time you do the event if you equal your PB then three points are credited. If you better your PB then five points are given and your result becomes your new PB or you achieve 1 point for attempting event. This award is computer generated.


Perpetual Trophies

Perpetual Trophies are divided into 2 types – Achievement based (computer generated) and Character based – and are determined by the Executive Committee.

Achievement Based Awards

The following are Achievement based and computer generated awards.  An athlete must have attended the required amount of competitions for their age group to be eligible for these awards.

ARNOLD HUNT AWARD: This is awarded to the most outstanding girl or boy athlete in middle and long distance running. It is open to athletes in the Under 13 to under 17 age groups.

BRETT CARKEET MEMORIAL TROPHY: This trophy is named in honour of an athlete who excelled in walking and middle distance running. The Executive Committee votes for the most outstanding athlete in Race walking, 800m and 1500m running. It is open to athletes in the Under 9 to 12 age groups.

GENEVIEVE TRAIN MEMORIAL TROPHY: A trophy is presented for achievement in sprint events. Open to all age groups.

CLINT SHAW AWARD: Awarded to the most outstanding girl or boy in the Under 7 to Under 9 age groups.

HDLAC HURDLES TROPHY: This trophy is awarded to the most outstanding athlete in straight track and/or 200metres hurdles.

HDLAC JUMPS TROPHY: This trophy is awarded to the most outstanding athlete in Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump. Open to the 9-17 age groups.

HDLAC THROWS TROPHY: This trophy is awarded to the most outstanding athlete in Discus, Javelin and Shot Put. Open to all age groups.

MARION MITCHELL OVERALL MOST IMPROVED AWARD: This trophy has been donated by Marion and is awarded to the athlete who has the most personal bests for the season. In the event of more than one athlete achieving this award, the Executive Committee will use the following criteria to make a decision: performance; attitude and application to the discipline; participation in the weekly program; attending a minimum of 60 percent of available competition days calculated from the first competition day of the season Open to all age groups.

ZONE, REGION & STATE PARTICIPATION: An award is given to each athlete who competes at Zone, Region and State Championships.

Character based awards

These awards are decided by the executive using a secret ballot after discussing the potential candidates. All members of the executive are to be included in the discussion and voting process. If one of the candidates is the child of a Committee member, then the Committee member must abstain from voting.

AGE MANAGER’S AWARD: The Age Manager’s Award is given to a Little Athlete who, the Age Manager feels, has the following qualities: good sportsmanship, attitude, cooperation and active participation in the weekly programme. Age Managers’ recommendations are taken into account prior to a decision being made. The executive will make the final selections of award recipients.

WALKLEY ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD: This trophy is awarded to an athlete who, the Executive feels, shows enthusiasm to their training and competition and is open to all age groups. This award takes into account attendance (a minimum of 80% would be desirable), attitude, active participation in the weekly programme, cooperation and good sportsmanship. The Age Managers’ recommendations are required prior to the meeting to decide this award.

BINNING AWARD: A Trophy is awarded to each of an Under 12 boy and girl athlete. Potential recipients are judged on the following criteria: attitude, endeavour, and cooperation, active participation in the weekly programme, attendance and years attended. A Binning’s recipient typically has been with the centre for several years and would have an attendance for the current season in excess of 80%. The U/12 Age Managers’ recommendations are required prior to a decision being made. The executive will then select the two recipients.


Septathlon Awards

For athletes to be eligible to receive a Septathlon Award, they must satisfy the conditions and compete in events for age group. Medals are awarded to each age group boy and girl first second and third place achievement for athlete with most points.


Most Personal Bests (PB):

This trophy is awarded to the athlete with the Most PP’s achieved during Septathlon Competition.