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Each year the HDLAC hold a Septathlon Event. Please check Season calendar for the date of event. The conditions and events for each age group are as follows:

Under 6           Must compete in all four defined events. Two extra events will be provided with a view of skills enhancement. The defined events are: 100m, 300m, 500m pack start, Long Jump and Shot Put.

Under 7           Must compete in all six events, with all six events counted towards the overall point score. The defined events are: 700m, 100m, 500m pack start, Long Jump, Discus and Shot Put.

Under 8 to 17  Must compete is all seven events with the lowest score being dropped to give an overall point score.

Septathlon Awards

For athletes to be eligible to receive a Septathlon Award, the above conditions must be complied with. Normal competition conditions will apply on Septathlon day and all performances will be eligible for:

  1. Personal Best (PB)
  2. Centre Records
  3. End-of-Season Centre Best Awards
  4. Any other Centre performance-based assessment

Normal rules apply to each event, i.e. during field events, if an athlete fails each of three trials will not in itself, disqualify an athlete from receiving Septathlon points. It will simply give them 10 points (the minimum for any event) and could be the seventh event that is not considered in the overall points accumulation (under 8 to 17 age group).

The only condition that will preclude an athlete from receiving a Septathlon award will be that they do not comply with the above conditions set out for age group. So the onus is on each athlete to be at the oval at the correct starting time so they are able to complete in all the events for their age group.

Medals are awarded to each age group boy and girl for first, second and third place achievement for athlete with most points in age group.