Tiny Tots

Welcome to the 2018/19 season of Tiny Tots. Your children will have a great time learning and participating in our games and activities each week.

Something different!

The Tiny Tots Program is quite different from the older children’s activities. The 4-5 year olds have very different physical and emotional needs from older children. Hence the focus of the Tiny Tots program is on fun, learning the “how-to’s”, improvement, and a less competitive achievement. The activities are of a ‘gross motor’ theme, concentrating on developing running, throwing and jumping skills through the use of fun games.

For example, in our first week, we play games such as “Hopping Mad Relay”, where the children are placed into teams at each end of a lane, and they then have to “hop”, “jump” “run” or “crawl” as called out to them, to the other end of the lane, “tag” the next team mate, for them to do their activity to the other end. The aim of this activity, apart from having fun, was to teach the children to listen to instructions, responding appropriately to them, and working as individuals in a team.

Tiny Tots programs

Tiny Tots athletes are split into groups and rotate through three to four different activities each week before coming back together for a group activity. These activities focus on fun, fitness and coordination as well as teaching the techniques needed for when the tots graduate to the full track and field program. Tots also have the opportunity to do a ‘proper’ race on the track and develop their long jump skills in the sand pits.

Encouragement trophies

Each Saturday we award Tiny Tots encouragement trophies, which children take home for a week. Their photo is taken at the presentation at the end of the day.

Tiny Tot dates

Tiny Tots ‘compete’ on the same dates as the regular Centre competitions (see Coming Events page), with a slightly different program. Tiny Tots starts at 8:00am each Saturday, so that parents with older children in other age groups can settle, grab a coffee if needed, and then come and join our Tiny Tots program. The Tiny Tots program finishes by 9:30am, before it gets too hot.

If there is wet weather, check the website to see if the competition has been cancelled for the day. A decision to cancel is not normally made until the day itself, so the website would not be updated until early on the Saturday morning.


We rely on the parents helping with this program, to keep it running each week, and the children love showing family members what they can do. Most importantly don’t forget a drink and a healthy snack for your child, sunscreen and a hat. These are absolute musts, as it gets very warm out there.

We do hope your children have a great season, and that you enjoy watching them have fun.

Tiny Tots Team Managers

We need parents to supervise the activities of our tiny tots groups. There is always a need for additional help and the Tiny Tots program is already written, with very easy to follow instructions. So if you can follow instructions, have enthusiasm, and love being a part of your child’s development, then you will be great for the role!