HDLAC Training – Winter 2019

Over the winter season, training continues as outlined below. Please check the HDLAC facebook page for up to date information on any cancellations or changes.

Training is available for registered and non-registered athletes and recommended for U10+.  Parents are welcome to participate.  Parents must remain onsite for the duration of the training for all U12 and younger athletes.  Younger siblings are welcome to participate but must not be disruptive.

For all outdoor training, please come prepared for cool and wet weather and bring appropriate clothing.  You will also need warm and dry clothing for after the session, a water bottle and normal running shoes. Spikes are not required.

For indoor training, bring a water bottle and warm, dry clothing for after the session. Please ensure shoes are not muddy.

Centre uniform is not required for training.


Wednesday Cross Country Training: 4:30-6pm. Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills.

A mixture of long and short intervals across varied terrain, in and around the oval.  Aims are for general fitness and cross country preparation, as well as technique development.  Sessions will be tailored to suit the age and ability of all participants.   There is no charge for this training.


Sunday – Fortnightly starting 2nd June.  Jumps & Throws
Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills.  Meet at the Long Jump pits.

Coaches Maddy & Matt are back to assist children preparing for school athletics carnivals. To actively cater for different abilities, sessions will be split based roughly on ability rather than age.  See tables below for guide standards.  These can be loosely applied but aren’t fixed, but are intended to ensure everyone gets the best out of their training.

Time Jumps Standard Cost
2.00 – 2.30 Long Jump < 3 meters $3
2.30 – 3.30 Long Jump >= 3 meters $5


Time Throws Standard Cost
2.45 – 3.15 Standing Throws $3
3.30 – 4.15 Incorporating half spins/ shuffle
>= 5m for Shot
>= 15m for Discus

Non-registered athletes are welcome to attend. Be mindful of other sports on at the oval which may impact parking options.  Parents are encouraged to stay and assist with equipment.  Training will continue in most weather conditions so please bring suitable clothing for cold afternoons.  Please see Facebook for changes or updates on any cancellations.
Email vice@hdlac.org.au for more information on group training, or to organise event specific training.