Uniform & Footwear

Centre Uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all competition days.

For 2019/20, we have new uniform designs.  Uniforms must be purchased online from Sports Magic. Samples are available to try for size at Registration Pack Collection day or on any Saturday morning. Be sure to select CLUB DELIVERY to avoid paying a $10 delivery charge.


Female Uniform – U6 and above – Crop Top

Female Uniform – U6 and above – Racer Singlet










Male Uniform – U6 and above

Tiny Tots Uniform – unisex








The Club T-Shirt is available for order and can be worn by athletes, age managers, parents and all supporters.  Note – The shirt cannot be worn for external competition.










How to Order

  1. Go to https://www.sportsmagic.com.au/clubs/athletics/hornsby-district-little-athletics/
  2. Choose your item: Female = Crop Top or Racer Back; Male = Singlet Top; Tiny Tots = Tots T-shirt
  3. Select Size: Size samples will be available on Registration Pack Collection Day Sunday 8th September or any Saturday
  4. Select “Club Pick Up” Delivery
  5. Uniforms will be ready for pick up at Pennant Hills Oval from Saturday 14th September
  6. Black shorts or tights (no logo) available at the club or purchase your own

Notes:The Racer Singlet is a tight fit.  If you prefer a looser garment, go up a size.  Ironically the Tiny Tots T-shirts are a generous fit.

If item is showing OUT OF STOCK – Select BACK ORDER and item will arrive within approximately 4 weeks.

We do not have a uniform officer, and therefore cannot hold any stock at the club house.  If you are interested in assisting with uniforms, please get in touch.

Whilst you wait for your new uniform, any comfortable athletic clothing can be worn, but please pin the Registration Number and Age Patches onto clothing.

There is a one year grace period, where either old or new uniform designs can be worn. Following that, the updated uniform must be worn for any out-of-centre competition.

Black Shorts can be purchased at the centre or from any retailer, so long as logos are discrete.


IMPORTANT: Correct placement of Registration number, age patch and sponsor patch

These items must be attached to the front of all Centre uniforms before an athlete competes. The sponsor’s name and red line surrounding numbers on the registration and age patch must be visible and are not to be cut off.

tick REGISTRATION NUMBER to be attached in the middle front, just below logo on the Singlet, or at the lowest point on the Crop Top.
tick AGE PATCH is to be attached   on the upper left front of the Singlet. With the Crop Top the Age Patch is to be attached at the lowest point on front left leg of the lycra pants or athletic shorts.
tick SPONSOR PATCH is to be attached on the upper right side of the singlet or crop top.

U12+ will receive two registration numbers. The second number should be kept safe and used when representing a senior club.


Footwear is compulsory – Shoes are compulsory for all events.
U7-U10 athletes: U7-U10 athletes are not permitted to wear spikes and athletes in these age groups should wear cross-trainers or waffle shoes.
U11-U17 athletes: Shoes with metal spikes are optional and can be worn by athletes in the U11-U17 age groups only.


Shoes with metal spikes are optional and can be worn by athletes in the U11-U17 age groups only. Spikes of various type and size can be purchased from our uniform shop on any Centre competition day.

Safety is very important when an athlete wishes to compete in ‘spiked shoes’ eg. in a sprint event, an athlete must carry their shoes to their event, put their shoes on   at the start, and removed them at the finish line after the race. Please note: only Tartan Spikes are allowed on the Long Jump Track.