Parent Participation

Parents (and Grandparents) interested in Athletics are encouraged to see our “seniors” website or contact president@hdlac.org.au for information on training and/or competition.

Parent Assistance

The centre is run by volunteers. This includes our committee, which is responsible for administration and organisation of the centre, and our age-managers, who lead the athletes though their event program, diligently and with great patience. However, we also require parent help on competition day, and also at our major carnivals (Zone, Region, State and State Relays) for parents of athletes competing there.

On competition day, we require help to

  • set-up prior to competition,
  • provide assistance to age managers,
  • help run the barbecue and canteen, and
  • pack-away equipment at the end of competition.

The Parent Obligations form, which parents are required to sign, explains the obligations in more detail.

Parental Absence

Importantly, HDLAC is not a babysitting service – a parent, or designated carer, must be present throughout the competition. Of course it is recognised that very occasionally a parent may not be able to attend or may have to leave for part of the competition. In this case, a parent should nominate a designated carer their child/ren and inform a committee member and provide contact details, which is important in case the child requires medical treatment. Again, the Parent Obligations form explains these obligations in more detail.

Changes to Athlete / Parent details

A reminder to all parents that they are required to advise the Centre’s Registrar of any/all changes to their personal details, such as address, telephone etc, and any medical condition that were not provided at registration day or that have (had) changed since registration day.  This can be done via info@hdlac.com.au or contacting the Registrar directly.

Equipment Roster

As indicated in `Parent Assistance’, the success of each Saturday’s activities is very much dependent on a parent from each family performing duty as allocated at the time of registration. The placement of all the various equipment that is used by your children during competition has to be out in place well in time for the competition to commence promptly at 8.00am.

Parents on equipment roster are required to be available promptly at 6.30am to take the equipment out. It is essential that they return and pack the equipment back into the equipment room at the end of the morning.

Athlete Medical Equipment

Parents, and especially athletes, are reminded that asthma puffers are permitted to be carried on the athlete’s person during competition days at Hornsby Centre, along with any other emergency medication.  Our first aid room has ample supply of band aids, ice packs and a defibrillator.