Cross Country

2019 Cross Country

This year for our cross country competition we will be supporting the independently organised West Met Cross Country league.

These are a series of 2km, 4km, and 6/8km races on a Saturday afternoons in different locations, most of which are within 30 minutes of Pennant Hills.

All ages are welcome, from child through to masters and it’s a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.  It’s a great way to keep children fit over the winter season, practise their racing skills in larger groups ready for schools events, and for parents to participate alongside if they wish.

The calendar of events can be found here and will be updated periodically.

All our Little Athletes are registered for Personal Accident Insurance.  Parents wishing to participate can do two events without membership, and thereafter must register with an affiliated club. A winter RunNSW membership with Hills District Athletics Club is a good option.

To participate, save time by completing the Entry Form (registered athletes) or Trial Form (Non-Registered Parents) before you arrive.  You can pay week by week ($3 pp/ $9 family) or for the full season ($35 pp / $90 family).  See website for start times, start locations, facilities and parking information.

Centre uniform is optional – but it’s nice for us to be recognisable so we can cheer each other on.

Committee Members may attend some events so look out for the HDLAC banners, however due to other family commitments some weeks may not have committee support.  You are still able to turn up and run whenever you like.

For those unable to participate on a Saturday afternoon, there are always local ParkRun events available on a Saturday morning.  They are free, just make sure you register and bring your bar code to each event.  Children under 11 must be accompanied with an adult on the full course.

There is inconclusive evidence and discussion on “how far is too far” for young athletes to run.  As a general rule, as coaches and parents we should focus on encouraging children to enjoy sport.  It’s important that children enjoy the feeling of movement and being with others, rather than only enjoying success.  Little bodies change often and their performances will come and go during this time.  If winning is the only measure of success and enjoyment, kids are likely to drop out.  For an interesting perspective, this article is a good read: